Casino Game of Craps – How to Play

How To Play Craps On Mac Computers

Until recently, many of the online casinos did not offer their software or downloads in a language that the Macintosh computer was compatible with. With the growing popularity of Macintosh computers, casinos have begun to step up to the plate and offer their games in an operating language that can be read by Mac computers. Many online casinos have moved toward the trend of offering an in browser version of their software using Macromedia Flash software. The Macromedia Flash versions that are accessible to Macintosh using craps players even offer a level of security that cannot be replicated on the PC software. This particular software makes it even harder for those with mal intent to hack into, or rob you while you are enjoying your games.

Software For Playing Craps

Many casino games that are available online require the player to download software to their PC. The software that is available for Mac users is non downloadable. This means that you play the game entirely through your browser, without cluttering up your hard drive with a bunch of casino sites. This no download format offers all the same graphics and features that the PC downloadable software offers. The flash version of the craps game is an instant casino on your Mac. You simply open your browser, enter a code, and there lives YOUR casino.

Online Casinos to Play Craps on a Mac

Online Craps players have rated as their number one choice for playing Craps on their Mac computers, Bodog. While there are a number of online casinos that are available and have the natural language for Mac computers, players state that Bodog gives them the best experience. They also state that they prefer the graphics, timers, and type of play that Bodog offers. While many online casinos will allow the user to adjust the animations of their gaming experience, Bodog users in particular state that the experience is as close to real as being there.

The Game of Craps – How to Play

At first craps can be a little overwhelming, but once you understand the basics it’s actually pretty simple.  Players throw dice down the table and hope they roll the right combinations at the right time.  To start the game you’ll need to roll anything except 2, 3, or 12 – those are instant losers.  Roll a 7 or 11 on your first roll and you’re an instant winner.  Any other total and you get to keep rolling, trying to get that same number again before you roll a 7.  This is usually what confuses newcomers to the game of craps – on your first roll 7 is a winning number, but any following roll 7’s are losing numbers.  For more info on how to play craps including beginner and advanced craps strategy, and for a free Mac compatible craps game please visit our Mac craps website at