Casinos: Playing Online vs Offline

Gambling is one of the oldest forms of entertainment found on planet earth and the concept behind the casino has been around since time immemorial. Places dedicated to gambling used to use parts of taverns or inns in many locations, but in the modern world this concept has moved largely to the hotel and casino combo. In most cases, persons have to travel to reach a land based casino. There are sometimes card rooms, and bingo halls, dog or horse tracks available for gambling, though rarely are the conveniently located near most areas or accessible without a lengthy drive.

There are those who desire solely to gamble and do not wish to partake of a hotel visit, or a mini excursion. The individuals in the gambling industry realized this and they eventually began to develop a concept known as the online casino.

The Main Differences Between Online and Offline Casinos

The primary difference between the two casino types is also the most obvious. An offline casino is in a building an individual may walk into. An online casino is utilized solely through the internet. Beyond this plainly obvious and major contributing factor there are also a few other differences.

Online Casinos offer More Bonus Money

The fact that the individual is typically given a bonus for loading money into an account for an online casino is one concept. The closest item that an offline casino has to this is being ‘comped’ for something. Generally being comped only occurs if the player has been giving up a great deal of cash, has won a lot, or if the casino has done them some sort of negative service. There’s also the comp card at the land based casino, in fact, my own home is well stocked with casino coasters, a automobile emergency roadside kit, champagne glasses, shot glasses, and some very lovely pens from my local land based casino. The online version gives everyone the bonuses they specify usually in the form of cold hard cash.

Another difference is the privacy factor. At an online casino there is rarely a need to wait for a table to be open or the forced socializing with random drunks. Sometimes the socializing can be amusing but more often than not it can be monotonous or annoying. There are also no constantly pestering waiting staff members offering drinks, or a lack thereof. The only cigarette smoke in an online casino is that caused by oneself or the other members of the household.

Your favorite progressive slot machine is never ‘full’ online, there’s always room for you.

Why Choose an Online Casino

The online casino experience is best for an individual that desires to gamble in safety and privacy. There are no strong armed casino security guards. No one accuses the player of counting cards simply because they are doing well. The individual can often receive many bonuses for using an online casino such as a dollar for dollar load bonus or free spins at roulette.

There is no need to deal with other people or to search for a table that is of interest. The player can wear any attire they desire, including none at all if such is their preference. In many upscale casinos there is a requirement for a minimal type of dress code on the part of the customers. An individual that enjoys gambling without having to dress up will find that the ability to make their fortune while sitting around in their underwear is quite the freeing experience.

Online casino gambling is an experience that can be used to safely sharpen playing skills for certain games as well. Some individuals consider them to be practice for going to an offline casino. People that do not know certain games well enough to risk sitting at a real table can often find online casinos that allow people to play for fun and not for money. This allows people to develop real skills with the game while keeping them from joining the ranks of the destitute.