7 Most Popular Casino Games

When you go to a casino, either in real life or online, you’re bound to find several types of games. But what are they and how do you play most of these games? Finding the right casino for you is important, and online, you can go to a place like PlayersOnly or CherryRed.

In recent years, a popular version of poker called “Texas Hold ’em” has been a TV and internet sensation. The game is loosely played like Seven-Card stud with a twist. Each person gets only two cards, and the other five are what are called community cards. They appear face up on the table and are available to everyone who plays. Other than that, it plays like all other kinds of poker except for “razz”, where the best hand will win the pot, with ties being broken by cards called the “kicker”. If all the kickers match or the hand requires five cards to be made, such as with a straight or full house, then the pot is split.

Another very popular game in poker is called “Three card Poker” or “Tri card Poker” which only uses three cards. The hands are slightly different, for instance, a straight is better than a flush in three card poker, because with only 3 cards, a flush will appear 1 time in 20, whereas a straight will come up 1 time in 33.

A third very popular game is blackjack. Blackjack is simple. Each person is dealt two cards and each card has a value. Number cards are worth their value in points, face cards are worth ten, aces are worth one or eleven. And if you have a pair of cards, you can split the cards and play two hands. Also, if you feel confident about beating your opponent’s hand, then you can double down and take one more card. Recently people have tried to gain an advantage over the house by card counting, that is assigning a value to each card played in the shoe. A simple trick to this is to add +1 for every two through six, and subtract 1 for every 10 through ace. Although it’s not illegal, many casinos frown upon this and can throw people out of casinos if they feel someone is card counting, and it is illegal with a mechanical aid. Playing basic strategy blackjack will cut the house odds to about .5%.

One game that has the best advantage for the player is craps. Although it has one of the best odds, it takes some time to learn how to play. Once you learn how to play, however, it can be a profitable game and can make you a lot of money in a very small amount of time.

Roulette is also very popular, even though the house odds are very high. In this case, you bet on numbers, colors, odd or even or even bunches of numbers (1-12, 13-24, and 25-36). The roulette wheel is then spun and the payout is given based on what is bet. A single number is 35 to 1, colors and odd/evens are even money and the bunches are 2 to 1. If you bet on a corner, the odds are divided by the number of “corners” you play.

Last but not least are slot machines and video poker. And no, the two are not the same. Slot machines are simple machines. You put money in, push the button and wait for the pictures to line up. Video poker machines, on the other hand, require a little more skill and in the long run, can actually give you a slight advantage over the house, all depending on the odds and hands that will be accepted.

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