Mac and Apple Popularity Worldwide

The Macintosh Narrative

The Macintosh is a world-renowned computer at this point in the technological revolution. People from all over the globe can be seen carrying various MacBooks around with them on a daily basis, and countless others have Mac desktops at home and/or their places of work. Apple has solidified itself as one of today’s most creative, innovative and steadfast companies, and the majority of that success is due to the Macintosh computer and its subsequent evolution.

Mac’s Popularity Rise

The popularity of the Mac has grown exponentially for years now. It seems each and every year that Apple is reporting new record sales for their products. Even in the current time of the Great Recession, Apple is still reporting record sales month after month on its Mac products. It is clear that Macs are some of the world’s most popular products, but where exactly are they most popular? Which countries have been most crucial in Apple’s amazing success story?

Americans Love Their Macs!

Clearly the most aggressive country when it comes to consumption is the United States of America, and this title reigns true in Apple’s case. America is responsible for roughly thirty percent of all Macintosh sales worldwide! That is an unbelievable number. One third of all the Macintosh computers sold go to American citizens. But one could find a similar statistic for almost any other consumer good that is accessible to Americans.

Macs Popular in Japan

The next most marketable country for Macintosh computers is none other than the extremely technologically advanced nation of Japan. Again this is not much of a surprise. Japan accounts for about twenty percent of Macintosh sales. Japan’s incredible evolution technologically has shot them into the top spot as far as most electronics and other technologies are concerned. So it makes perfect sense that they would be such immense consumers of technologies like those of Apple.

Mac Popularity in Europe

Germany and the United Kingdom both hover around five percent of Macintosh sales. As usual, Western Europe is far behind the U.S. and Japan in consumption. However, Mac sales in many parts of Europe remain high year after year, and the Mac’s popularity in some European countries can seem almost cult-like.

Other Mac Loving Countries

India and Canada each provide somewhere in the vicinity of three to four percent of all Macintosh sales. The recent industrialization of India has launched the country into higher living standards and this shows as their level of consumption continues to rise year after year.

Rounding Out The Top Ten

France, Italy, Mexico and Australia all account for about two percent each of the Macintosh world popularity. Though these numbers vary with the ebb and flow of various markets, there has been a miniscule but steady rise in the collective numbers over the years. Less consumer based countries like Italy and France have increased the number of Macintosh computers they buy, but they nonetheless still only contribute an extremely small portion to the whole.