Casino Deposit Bonuses

Online casinos are highly competitive with each other due to the popularity of the gambling niche they represent. This has lead to creative business practices and the advent of the deposit bonus. These bonuses, among other types of customer drawing tactics, are used to convince people to stay with or use a specific casino. It has become something of a tradition with online casinos now and any that do not have some form of bonus will not be as popular. The capacity to acquire free money which normally matches the amount dollar for dollar is a draw that few can resist.

Casino deposit bonuses will vary greatly from site to site. However, the most common is a dollar for dollar initial load bonus. These initial load bonuses can range from a small amount such as twenty-five dollars up to a truly intriguing amount such as one thousand dollars. Larger bonuses than this do in fact exist. Few casinos bother to offer larger amounts than one thousand dollars, however. This is due to the fact that most people will not load much money initially to play. In this type of bonus whatever amount of money the player loads onto their account will be doubled until it reaches the maximum set by the online casino. Two hundred fifty dollars is a common amount since this equals having five hundred dollars to gamble with.

There are other bonuses that can be derived from the deposit of money as well, however. These are reload bonuses, free spins, extra points, or the occasional lottery drawing. Reload bonuses work in a way that is very similar to initial load bonuses. The amount of money loaded on the account is normally doubled. Free spins are calculated based on the amount of money loaded into the account again and vary by the casino. These bonuses refer to games such as roulette or slots wherein someone pulls a slot or spins a wheel. Extra points are awarded by casinos that use an indirect point system instead of a direct monetary one. This is synonymous with being comped free chips by an offline casino. The lottery drawing style of deposit bonus is a favorite at casinos that also do lottery style drawings. These drawings are often for prizes but occasionally they are for free bonus points or cash.

Deposit bonuses come in wide variety. Their main purpose is to help people learn to play at the site while keeping them interested in the game itself. Normally an individual cannot withdraw the bonus amount until after it has been played completely or for a pre-determined time. This is to prevent people from joining a casino, making an account, and leaving with the bonus. Whenever an individual acquires a deposit bonus it is expected that they will use it. In many ways these bonuses represent the concept of the ‘Mulligan’ or the ‘do-over’. They allow people to play with more than they started with and thus their losses feel less heavy and their wins are that much sweeter.